Vabilo na predavanji: Integration of scientific evidence based medicine with traditional chinese medicine (TCM) ter The Unknown Concepts behind Chinese Traditional Medicine



Zdravstvena fakulteta UL vabi v ponedeljek, 7. januarja 2019 na brezplačni predavanji:

The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana invites you to two public lectures,
held on Monday, January 7th, 2019 at Zdravstvena pot 5, Ljubljana at 16.00 till 19:15, lecture hall 22:
I. prof. dr. Ante Simonić: Integration of scientific evidence based medicine with traditional chinese medicine -TCM (Povezava med medicino, podprto z znanstvenimi dokazi in tradicionalno kitajsko medicino -TKM) 
1. Challenges of global health care system are enormous
2. The solution is the truly INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE PARADIGM, because it can, together with personalized medicine, be a major driving force for radical changes.
a) Basic information about TCM that is a representative feature of Chinese civilization.
3. Basic information about integrative medicine.
4. Our experiences and plans.


 II. prof. Rita Zhao (PhD): The Unknown Concepts behind  Chinese Traditional Medicine (Neznani koncepti v ozadju kitajske tradicionalne medicine)

A cross-cultural method that has been practiced in China since the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC), described in ancient  literatures such as Huang di's Canon of Medicine and Shen Nong's Herbal Classic, is based on various philosophical methords that have been influencing Chinese people's daily lives, to name a few: Yi Jing and Laozi's Daoism. 

1.Theories of TCM 
a) Yin-Yang Theory 
b) Qi Theory 
c) Five Element Theory 
2. TCM treatment modalities 
a) Herbal Therapy 
b) Foods for Healing 
c) Acupuncture 
d) Massage 
e) Cupping 
f) Qigong 
g) Moxibustion 
3. A Comparative View of Chinese-Western TCM product


Predavanji bosta v predavalnici 22 v ponedeljek, dne 7. 1. 2019 ob 16h.
Najprej bo predavanje prof. dr. Simonića od 16.00 do 17.30.
Sledilo bo predavanje prof. Zhao od 17.45 do 19.15.
Obe predavanji bosta v angleškem jeziku.
Udeleženci prejmejo 4 licenčne točke ZZBNS.
Udeležba na predavanjih je brezplačna, obvezne pa so ELEKTRONSKE PRIJAVE
Both lecures will be delivered in English language.
The educational event is in the process of granting the licencing credits of Nurses and Midwifes Association of Slovenia.
The attendance of the lectures is free, while the advance REGISTRATION is mandatory. 
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