Professional higher education study programme 1st cycle degree NURSING

Duration: 3 years

Number of ECTS in total: 180

Goals of the programme and general competences:

The professional higher education study programme Nursing graduate will possess a broad range of core skills encompassing profession-specific and generic enabling skills. They will be able to provide safe and effective nursing care at all levels of health care. The diploma holder will be able to work autonomously, apply the acquired theoretical knowledge, make professional decisions, report, communicate and independently acquire prodessional knowledge.

A gradute of Nursing will be able to act in compliance with professional ethical principles and values, consolidate and apply theoretical knowledge from various fields, autonomously perform nursing interventions and diagnostic/therapeutic procedures in an interdisciplinary team, integrate other natural and humanistic sciences into profession of nursing, demonstrate adequate oral and written communication skills, applicable also in the international enviromen, participate in the education and traing of nursing professioanls nad conduct research work, independently acquire knowledge, take responsibility for and commit to life-long learning.



Category: Study - Nursing