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General information about the study programme

The first-cycle degree Professional Higher Education Study Programme Midwiferylasts 3 years (6 semesters), comprising 180 ECTS credits in total. The professional title awarded to the first cycle degree graduate is diplomirana babica/diplomiran babičar (VS), abbreviation: dipl.bab. (VS). The professional title is conferred in compliance with the Professional and Academic Titles Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 61-2571/06).

Goals of the programme and general competences
The Professional Higher Education Study Programme Midwifery graduate will possess a broad range of core skills encompassing profession-specific and generic enabling skills. The diploma holder will be able to provide safe and effective reproductive health care.
The programme is based on:
• midwifery services as laid down by EU sectoral directives,
• strategy for the European Higher Education (Bologna Declaration),
• Higher Education Act Regulations in the Republic of Slovenia,
• present and anticipated population’s demands and needs for midwifery health care, taking into consideration the latestprofessional development,
• past employment and experiences of midwives and related health care professionals,
• WHO directives on health protection and promotion (Health in the 21st Century); initiatives of professional associations (International Confederation of Midwives – ICM, European Association of Midwives – EMA, Chamber of Nursing and Midwifery – Union of Slovenian Associations of Nurses, Midwives and Nurse Assistants, Section of Nursing and Midwifery).
Upon successful completion of the programme the diploma holder will be competent in:
• health promotion,family planning counselling, reproductive health protection and provision of referral information,
• counselling and caring for women with gynaecological conditions,
• designing and running antenatal and parental classes, education on healthy life style, avoidance of risk factors,
• monitoring the health of pregnant women and foetuses during pregnancy, conducting the necessary diagnostic procedures using the targeted methods and clinical techniques,
• diagnosing pathological pregnancies and counselling within their scope of competence, referral to a specialist, team-approach in care delivery to pregnant women,
• counselling and caring for women during pregnancy, labour and in the postpartum period,
• conducting normal labour and episiotomy, managing midwifery emergences in doctor’s absence,
• identification of pathological changes in mother or child, intervening within their scope of competence, referral to a specialist,
• examining and caring for newborns and babies, taking appropriate actions when necessary,
• counselling and caring for menopausal women,
• implementation of midwifery care as prescribed by a doctor,
• collating medical and midwifery nursing documentation,
• education of midwives for career-long professional development, life-long learning and research.

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