Project office

The Project Office offers information, counselling and administrative support to researchers and other staff involved in the project work:

  1. Information to researchers, teaching personnel and other staff on financial resources for organization and implementation of the research work and information on current national and European calls.
  2. The support to researchers in project application and implementation process, as well as in administration work for projects which are not financed by the University of Ljubljana:
      • collaboration with the professional services of the rectorate of the University of Ljubljana in the field of scientific research and European projects;
      • support and information of the researchers on participation in different projects;
      • counseling on eligibility of project applications;
      • collaboration in preparation of project documentation and applications.

3.   Project documentation evidentation and archivation.

4.   Maintaining researchers’ database and monitoring of researchers’ involvement in scientific and other projects.       



Barbara Babnik, M. Sc.
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Phone: 00386 (0)1 300 11 64
Fax: 00386 (0)1 300 11 19



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