prof. prof. dr. Polonca Trebše

Department / Division
Sanitary Engineering Department, Biomedicine in Health Care Chair
01 300 11 15
Field of research and projects
Research fields: - the investigation of photochemical degradation and the transport of pollutants in the environment; - the investigation of transformations of pollutants under disinfection conditions; - the toxicity of pesticides and other chemicals towards non-target terrestrial and aquatic organisms; Current projects: - Teaching and Training in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, CEEPUS network, 2014-, principal investigator: P. Trebše Impact of inorganic nanoparticles on biological membranes (2014-2017), principal investigator D. Drobne, Biotechnical faculty - High-Performance Nanostructured Coatings – breakthrough in concentrated solar power (2016-2019), principal investigator: I. Jerman, Institute of Chemistry Bilateral project Slovenia - Russsia 2014-15: Application of modern MS techniques for determination of biоactive molecules in env. samples; partner in Russia: prof. Albert Lebedev, Moscow State University Lomonosov, Moskva
Selected Bibliography
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